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Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

by Hunny

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released July 19, 2019

HUNNY is Joey Anderson, Jason Yarger,
Jacob Goldstein & Kevin Grimmett

All songs by Hunny.
Except “A Slow Death In Pacific Standard Time”,
“Saturday Night”, “Everything Means Everything Meant Everything” & “Ritalin” by Hunny & Carlos De La Garza (Soft Light Music ASCAP)

Bleached appears courtesy of themselves and Dead Oceans

Carlos de la Garza - Production, mixing, additional instrumentation
Sergio Chavez - Pro Tools editing
Morgan Stratton - Assistant engineer at Sunset Sound
Andrew Mandell - Additional engineering
Spencer Lere - Additional engineering
Harriet Tam - Additional engineering
Mike Fasano - Drum tech

Recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood CA and
Music Friends in Eagle Rock, CA

Artwork by Jason Yarger
Layout by Jason Link

Thank you: Carlos, John, Nick Bral, Bruce Nelson, All our partners and friends, and family, Juul, Maverick Cigarettes, Jaws, Grande salted cold foam cold brew, County Line, Everyone at Epitaph, and You!

Play Loud!

Recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood CA and Music Friends in Eagle Rock, CA


all rights reserved




何 も 。す べ て の も の 。 何 か 。ど こ か 。い つ か 。
人 間 を 救 う 。す べ て の 美 し く 悲 し い 。 キス, 殺す

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Track Name: Lula, I'm Not Mad
your hands around his collar an unworthy kiss and i wasn’t bothered pretend i wanted a reason to run out of reasons to stay i lie and recover my bed is a hospital she said are you okay take all of my time take me for granted cut me up in a million pieces on another planet with you i try to get your attention but it’s deeply useless and frequently painful your shadow classist cold as rain as it casts upon my own recover my bed is a hospital she said are you okay take all of my time take me for granted cut me up in a million pieces on another planet with you
Track Name: Change Ur Mind
for our own sake, we outta settle down making mistakes without anyone’s help the ice too thin to hold our weight it cracks it breaks we sink the same you said that you’d be home by nine but i want you by my side i try i fantasize that you never disappoint me you should change your mind that’s what it’s for you should change your mind just wanna leave just wanna talk if i’m a letter then you’re a postcard from some exotic place somewhere very far we walked what felt like miles only was three blocks you said you couldn’t feel your hands i try i realize that i’m always disappointing
Track Name: A Slow Death In Pacific Standard Time
you know that i hate your friends they make you insecure like the time that you were locked out of your house and no one showed to let you in to let you know you mean something to them i watch from afar you’re the knife in my side i don’t mind i kinda like it desperate uptight and lately unkind feeling desperate i am desperate but taking the longest way to get out of my mind i know that you hate my friends they make you so insecure i’m sure well somehow it starts with hi and
ends with i’m sorry this didn’t go as i planned
Track Name: Saturday Night (feat. Bleached)
i put my nikes in the corner picture on my passport i’m in your favorite sweater disappointment always on my shoulders i heard that you’re honest and i wish i was better because you’re all that i want and every word that you mock sounds so pretty to me you should die with me and we could stay in on a saturday night watching my so-called life call the cops let em in you’re echo i’m the bunnymen in on a saturday night i tried to balance couldn’t stand to apologize for bleeding in your bedroom closet i won’t be idle somewhat shaky when i hear your voice cut through rope hello? i think i’m in love i’m fairly certain i’m all of the above yeah i’m complex i’m unsure if i’m being honest you never called back i don’t remember that i cried i cried i cried
Track Name: Smarter Ways Of Saying It
i think of you and knock my head on the door every second i’m without you is another i endure with every dying breath let the blood fill my chest i ask you to hold my hand as we fall asleep and i forget your face hope there’s something after this something to replace every memory of us because it hurts to think about and i don’t want your pain i fell out of love
Track Name: Everything Means Everything Meant Everything
we trace our names on dirty glass but our initials wouldn’t last collect my things off the floor all you gave me was indifference every time she changes her lipstick she said that it meant everything she said that everything means everything means everything meant everything to me i hope my funeral is short and sweet without the frill or pageantry
Track Name: Ritalin
all the pockets in my favorite coat have developed holes i’m losing change in the lining conversation seems impossible if i may be so bold as to coax you out of hiding this body’s getting warmer it feels much better than mine way up popping ritalin with my friends i wait up i’m a visitor to them i can’t see straight or see Anything and likely i’m hard to adore am i the reason that you bite your tongue or do you marvel at how clever i’ve become i waited up all night she’s an actress
Track Name: Halloween
i currently am without you i couldn’t leave if i had to i just remembered it was halloween
so i guess i’m going as a guy who’s paying parking tickets on his laptop on the living room floor in the same clothes i wore yesterday i don’t think that i’m gonna change how do we know how late is too late to still be awake don’t you know i hate it? you underestimated ordinary words i hear the rain on my skylight from my bed where i spend most of my time and i just remembered it was halloween so i guess i’m going as a guy who knows just what you’ll say you don’t think that i’m gonna change all this time worth wasting let’s get back to basics

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